29 Mart 2020 Pazar

batak & mete duman iki orosbu ve ben sikici rootayyıldız

User role controlled by request parameter

DOM XSS in document write sink using source location search

File path traversal, simple case

Exploiting XXE via image file upload

Exploiting XXE to perform SSRF attacks

Exploiting XXE to retrieve files

Apache Struts2 RCE

HackTheBox Illumination "Git repository found"

HackTheBox Üye Olma

SQL Injection Kullanarak Sqlmap ile Shell Yükleme


SQL İnjection Login Bypass

Cross Site Request Forgery CSRF

SQL Injection POSTSelect

iFrame Injection

Insecure DOR Order Tickets

SQL Injection Stored User Agent

XSS Stored User Agent

HTML Injection Reflected POST

XSS Reflected Referer

HTML Injection Reflected GET

Blind Sql İnjection

Sqlmap Sql İnjection

Havij Sql İnjection

Php Code Injection

Remote File İnclusion

Local File Inclusion

Command İnjection